Thursday, June 19, 2014

My mood board for today: Portugal

Since my return from sunny Portugal, I have a tons of little souvenirs that I collected. I couldn't fit all of them into the mood board. But just few of my favourite things. On the ipad, you can see an artistic arrangement of azulejos. Azulejos refers to the Portuguese ceramic tile art that's been practiced in Portugal for five centuries. From big cities to charming little towns, you cannot escape this beautiful art form on interior and exterior walls. Mostly the tiles are arranged to depict the concerned area's history, battles, feasts, occupations, etc. I didn't have space in my travel bag to bring actual tiles but that's the plan for the next trip. I'd love to have a bathroom or a headboard decorated with tiles like these.

I also brought back Portuguese soap which is really one of the best things Portugal makes, an egg shaped jewellery box, a beautiful leather wallet with the Barcelos cock stamped on it, a pretty azulejo card holder, a cliché oven mitt, pressed flowers, books, thimbles from every place visited and of course magnets. 

Fernando Pessoa is one of my favourite poets and I'm so happy they started making ceramic magnets with quotes from his poems. It really is a perfect souvenir and daily poetic reminder. 
Magnet #1 "Tenho em mim todos os sonhos do mundo." - "I have within me all the dreams of the world."- "J'ai en moi tous les rêves du monde."

Magnet #2 "Put all you are into the least you do." - "Donnez tout ce que vous avez pour la moindre chose que vous faites."

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