Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Bring forth your best self

Think about the good times my friend,
Think not of the deaths, the pains, of the terrors.
A new day has started to form,
On the horizon, we can see new light, sparks,
No one will forget the stars in our eyes, the nights we lit,
No one will take away our glory.

Shine, dear friend, or foe, with the goodness in you,
Shine out the renewed hope and bless you being.
A new way has been created for you.
Step on it with doubt but not suspicion,
Step on it with kindness and determination.

Bring forth your best self, for that is all we need,
Bring forth your love and your imagination.
Dare not attack my zeal, our zeal and freedom.
Precious is this road we have built, nutured,
Precious are our dreams, our glorious ways.

Grasp your life with all you have my friend, or foe,
Grasp the love and infuse it into your veins like oxygen.
Think not of the hurt, think of the dream.
Who are they? They don't belong on our path.
They are deaths, pains and terrors.
They are vanquished.