Monday, February 07, 2011

Hello China!

Well ok, I exaggerate. I'm not in China. I'm in China town in Paris. Yesterday the Chinese population in the capital came out to celebrate Chinese New Year and boy was it superb! This was my first experience with real Chinese culture (not inclusive of the tourist trap we fell for which claimed it was an authentic Chinese restaurant). I love how the streets of the Olympiades (location of China Town) were filled with parades, the exotic costumes, the incense, the idols and of course fans! I love fans, in all shapes, designs and colours! The weather cooperated with the tourists and the paraders. Monsieur S. gifted me two large Chinese fans at the end of our rendez-vous and I'm très contente with my gifts. I in turn bought him a miniature car from a "vide grenier" which is basically an outdoor antiques market. We share a passion for classic cars and he seemed happy with his cadeau :)

This guy was such a sport! He posed like this for everyone's pictures! I loved his costume too :)
This girl was exquisite. There was something so enchanting about her, her costume, her make up and her entire look in general!
I loved her head gear, especially the flowers!
This last couple had the best costume according to me! Everything about them was magnificent. One can even see their personality through the photograph! I loved my tryst with little China :) I'm dying to go there and soon!
                                                   HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! x