Friday, November 22, 2013

New family member :)

After one of our three dogs was put down, we've been looking for a pet dog. My family mostly wanted a "male pedigree dog". About two weeks ago, while coming home from language class, I saw this little fur ball abandoned near our local church. I didn't care whether it was a male or female nor which breed, I just instantly knew, this was the dog I needed. Turns out, she's a girl. At first, it was hard convincing my family to keep the wriggly, squirmy living object in my handbag. But look at that face! How could they refuse! 

Moreover I don't understand why people fancy well bred dogs. I honestly think some of them are a nuisance. I have first hand experience looking after a friend's "pure bred" German shepherd. All that dog did was stay pretty and fall sick. That's probably an isolated case but hey! if you really want a pure breed dog, nothing's going to stop you. But just think about all the cute strays that are looking for a home. Secondly, the discrimination against female dogs needs to stop. How are you going to have your precious male dogs if no one wants female dogs? All you need to do is spay or neuter your pet irregardless of the sex. Your male or female dog won't become any less of a canine after the various surgical procedures. In fact you're not only helping your pet to live a healthy life but also doing your bit to help society keep strays under check. Read more here about How and when to spay/neuter your pet?

So yes, it's established we have a new family member. Everyone is slowly warming up to her. The other two dogs are finding her really strange and keep snapping at her. For now there aren't any serious injuries.

Her name will be Margot :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Autumn things

Autumn, how dearly I miss you..

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Frangipani mornings

"चम्पा तुझमें तीन गुण – रंग, रूप और बास  ; अवगुण तुझमें एक ही कि भंवर न आए पास" 
(Dear Champa, you have colour, beauty and fragrance; yet the honey-bees always keep their distance). 

Monday, November 11, 2013

A peaceful feeling

It's good to be back home. It's a beautiful feeling. A peace that I have missed. Most days I spend wandering around the hill, like I did when I was young. Sneaky and Benjamin insist on accompanying me everywhere I go. I love the company. It's a never judging faithful undivided attention they give me. We have a new addition to our canine family. I will introduce her as soon as I have good pictures.