Sunday, May 20, 2012


- Saint Stephen's Church, Budapest

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Spring has come. Softly. Magically

We live in very confusing times. But Nature somehow tells us that simplicity is the key. We need to look for it. I'm glad Spring has come. I decided not to keep up with the confusing times and focus on simplicity instead. Hence, I decided I will chronicle Spring. And voilà my spring journal! :)
The spring animals you find almost everywhere in France. I love that cat who just waited on the side of this empty street!
A poor man's horse :)
Les cerisiers, or as I call them, candy floss makers.
I see a lot of yellows. Personally, I don't like wearing yellow but I love looking at it. It's vibrant and energizing.  
Then of course you have greens. I love this colour. It's soothing and poetic. These pictures were taken while walking in the forest on a cloudy day. Bliss.
Dew! I've been fascinated by these lovelies since a very young age and my grandmum said dew drops are the tears that nature weeps at night because mother nature can't bear the loss of her sun :)
Some more spring animals. I love French cows. Unlike Indian cows, they seem so much more sturdy and well bred. Moreover you find them only on farms ;)
Cherry blossoms! sigh, every time them come along, they take my breath away..  There cannot be a spring without these beauties. 
Some more pretty landscapes. I also can't get over Dandelions!  One of my favourite pastimes in the countryside is to collect as many of these as I can and set them on your verandah. It's the perfect bouquet and they don't wilt, they just blow away. 
Greens. Yellow. Blues. Whites. 
And of course the best rendition of spring. It's the seaside. Look how gorgeous the skies are. It's like nature planned to create the perfect canvas for man. With all the perfect shades of blue. Which no artist or photographer can truly capture. This was day the clouds came down to greet the seas. It was my happiest moment in Spring.