Tuesday, June 17, 2014

L'Oréal Makeup Genius: Makeup in Real Time

When Harper's Bazaar excitedly announced that a new application that would revolutionize how we buy and test makeup was going to be launched by L'Oréal, it got me curious and excited. I love downloading ingenious apps from the Apple store and if they're truly interesting they become a part of my daily routine. Sure enough Makeup Genius has remained on my phone since the day I downloaded it. The app works in real time which means you let it calibrate your facial features and voilà! You can try on makeup, be it eyeshadow, lipsticks, eyeliner, mascara, etc in real time. If you like the item, just click on 'buy' and they'll send it to you. Just like that!
I love this method of trying makeup because I was always a bit hesitant to try statement colours in public. I love nudes but I've always been curious about bright reds and corals. Thanks to Makeup genius I found out that bright reds are definitely NOT meant for me :) However surprise surprise! Coral is actually doable! Below you can see the app doing it's thing in real time.
I was so amazed that coral actually went well with my skin tone. Generally it's nudes, bronzes and deep browns that suit my skin. I was super glad to find the perfect shade for summer! So I bought these two shades immediately. I didn't have the patience to try the app's postal service because I was too anxious to see how I would look wearing orange asap :) So my local Carrefour and Sephora carried the shades I wanted. For obvious reasons *frown*, Sephora sold the same lipstick at a higher price than Carrefour. Here below is my haul of L'Oréal products. The Sunscreen and BB Cream are my staple products and two are novelties. 

Regarding the lipsticks, I love the little "L'Oréal" text stamped into the stick. Along with the gold, this little touch adds to the pizzaz. The 293 Orange Fever on the left is the colour I love the most. The stick colour really matches the one in Makeup Genius and for the first time ever I can confidently show off statement lips! :) The texture is really smooth too, there a slight shimmer to the shade, so it's perfect for a soirée look and somehow it feels like my lips are more pouty. The 379 Sensual Rose was a bit meh. The actual lipstick colour is not exactly the same colour as the app and on my lips it looks like any other beige-ish colours I usually wear. 

Anyhoo, life is all about change, adding colour and spicing things up. And to help you with that, someone made an app :)

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