Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday ends with Bebinca

It's another Sunday and I have still not heard from the French school about my contract, so I decided instead of moping around, I decided to convince the dogs to come for a walk with me. The walk did me a lot of good. The dogs are real fun but they scare me a little bit. I think they sense I'm more of a cat person, but they don't mind accompanying me along my walks and protecting me from the other strays on the way. That's sweet on their part. 

My grandmother's house is on top of a lovely hill and the locality is full of lush green trees and my favourite road in the world is the really long one above. It looks like the trees parted in the middle to let you take a nice long walk and they're kind enough to let a little sunlight seep through :)

Then I noticed that the flowers from one of my birthday bouquets was dying, so I headed over to the local florist to buy some fresh carnations and pink roses.

I got back home and had a big slice of Bebinca/Bibik which is a tradition Goan dessert but I can eat it at any time of day. The process of preparing Bebinca is painstaking as it has many layers, which need to prepared one at a time and slowly. The main ingredients of this dessert are eggs, refined flour, coconut milk and butter. My aunt always says, if someone gifts you Bebinca, it means they really like you! I ate a twenty-two layered Bebinca piece today prepared by my uncle. Didn't I already say I have the best family ever?!

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