Monday, August 30, 2010

Great news!

OMG! I have just received news from the Inspection in France! and guess what? They want to renew my contract! Im thrilled beyond words. I was waiting for this an entire month!!! Apparently there is a post for English teacher for higher secondary students still vacant in a little town on the coast. It's nowhere close to Rouen (where I lived last year, in fact it's almost three hours away!) I mentioned I was geographically flexible but I did not expect to be boxed up and sent to a town whose population is 6000 only! But now that I think about it, I quite like the idea of a tiny town. I'm going to need time to digest that I might be the only English speaker in this town and there might not be as much ''entertainment'', I would expect to have to in France! I also have to sort out where I will live and when I can get the visa sorted out and actually get there! SO excited, I can't even type properly! 

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