Friday, August 08, 2014

Food Photography: Farm Foods

We discovered a local farm in our town by chance and here are the bio goodies we hauled in today. The "Ferme de Saint-Thibault Les Vignes" is a real treat for bio lovers. I hope you all have the chance someday, to try a heart shaped soft cheese, resting on a coulis of red berries. Yummy! The bio apple juice was quite delicious as well. This is our second visit to the farm and we're not going to stop as long as they continue making the amazing cheese and yogurts :)
We've recently started integrating local and biofoods into the daily diet and turns out it isn't as expensive as your supermarket chains want you to believe! A slice of divine 'tome' cheese, garlic and herb seasoned cheese, an assortment of yogurts, semolina pudding and fresh milk for 9,51 euros. It's a small effort but worth supporting your local farmers. Cheers. 


  1. Your thought of supporting local farmers is indeed praiseworthy... and nice food clicks :)

  2. Hi Anunoy, thanks for the kind comments. And indeed, we need to support our local grown industry. Makes no sense putting our trust and money in supermarket chains that couldn't care less about our welfare! :) Have a nice weekend! Regards :)

  3. Je vais chercher mon lait dans cette ferme au moins 1 à 2 fois par mois.